Archer Hart saved and fucked by sexy lifeguard, Arad


Arad works as a lifeguard and he is very well-trained in water rescue so when he hears a splash, then screams of distress, he knows exactly what to do.  He sprints to the pool, dives in and does everything to save Archer Hart‘s floating body. When out of the water, he gives Archer mouth-to-mouth, but Archer surprisingly begins giggling!  Arad realizes that the whole thing was a joke but Archer explains him, that he couldn’t help himself as Arad is just too sexy. The two start kissing deeply and soon after they are fucking one another! Find more at NEXT DOOR TWINK FREE GALLERY

Party threesome with Johnny Torque, Cole Christiansen, ZachTaylor


Cole Christensen has a feeling that his super sexy frat brother, Johnny Torque, is shooting him sexually inviting looks.  Cole has been wondering if Johnny knows that Cole likes to be with guys and if Johnny likes it too. Cole would love it and as he is looking around for Johnny during a party, he finds Johnny getting his dick sucked by a young guy, Zach Taylor! What a great chance how to get into threesome! Enjoy the whole story at NEXTDOORTWINK VIDEO